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Sep 08, 2015 at 04:55 PM

Re-direct through EP to various web dynpro screens?


Hello everyone,

In order to provide single signon to SAP applications (using a mandated Siteminder agent), we are directing through the Enterprise Portal, from a 3rd party portal that will have different links, intended to get the user to different web dynpro pages in SCM / SNC applciation. The link to SCM needs to include the screen number and also the signon language.

What is the best way to accept the screen number and language into the EP (presumably from the URL calling EP), and pass it on in the URL in the iveiw going to SCM / SNC? (currently we have the redirection iview and it can contain parameters at the end, but I don't know quite how to strip them off the input, and get them to it.)

Does any one have an example of doing this? Someone has mentioned using a java script, but we have not doe that before.

I was hoping there might be a method only using configuration. There are about 7 different screens to go to, and I thought of various URL aliases. But it would multiply by the sign-on languages and seems would get very cumbersome compared to just passing the parameters through.

Ruth Jones