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Sep 05, 2015 at 04:35 AM

How to Control the Payment Advice to Send Email


Dear SAP Experts,

Our client is running a global company and would like to send email to all of the vendors to inform the payment when running F110.


(1) Some company codes applies BCM, they run FBPM1 to generate the payment file.

(2) Some company codes DOES NOT apply BCM, they create the payment file when running F110.

According to the notes 1313075, seems that the payment advice only can be generated and sent out when payment medium file is created if BCM is activated.

For case (1), now we can send out the payment advice now, but the issue is that each payment advice is sent twice improperly. Please find the detail process as bellow:


1. FBZP-Paying company code: assign the customer SAPscript format: ZF110_EN_AVIS.

2. FBZP-Pmnt Methods in company code:

Note to payee lines on the form: as many as req

Payment advice ourput according to no. of lines: NoPytAdv

3. Create a customer FM and assign it to process 00002040 in FIBF. The FM is used to generate the payment advice file and send the email.

Master Data:

1. assign the email address to the vendor general master data.


1. Run F110, and maintain the variant PMW for program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM

2. Run FBPM1 to merge payment and generate the payment advice.

3. Run program RSCONN01 to send out the email.

4. the email is sent both in correct customer format and the empty customer format. The latter is incorrect, we would like to deactivate it.

For case (2), we would like to create and send out the payment advice in customer format ZF110_EN_AVIS as well. Then what function or BAPI or enhancement we can use to realize it?

Appreciated for your kind advice for this issue.

Thank you very much!