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Sep 03, 2015 at 03:09 PM

BPC 10 MS - can't send data


We're continuing working throught the migration from 7.5 and most of our reports are working with some failing that we'll look into either converting or altering the EVDRE structure. However we've hit a new snag in that input forms are not sending data. Even if we try a simple EPM query and try to send data the server seems to be trying to do something but Excel just locks up and we have to halt the process from Windows Task Manager.

I can send data from a copy of Environment Shell without issue so I believe this is due to us converting to SQL 2012 at the same time. We've followed note 1707410 to the best of my knowledge and we're not having problems with the packages now so importing data works. However input forms are not.

We're on with a main server and one app server. Not exactly sure on all the installations but I believe we have SQL Enterprise on the database server but not on the app server.