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Sep 03, 2015 at 12:48 PM

Foreign currency valuation (Simple Finance)



Can you please help me understand, how to do a revaluation in a parallel currency of an account with balances only in a local currency.

My company code has one ledger (0L), which is assigned to accounting principle 60. The company code has ist own currency (type 10) and a different group currency (type 30). The exchange rates between these two are maintained.

Within the accounting principle (60), two valuation areas have been defined: Z1 for currency 10 and Z2 for currency 30, both using a copy of the EVR method (always valuate) and assigned to a copy of INT financial statement version.

Now, I have tried two options, but neither gave the correct result:

1. Trans. FAGL_FCV (foreign currency valuation)

- This only works, if the account has NOT ticked "Balances only in local currency" (SKB1-XSALH). If this box is ticked, then the valuation fails.

- However, marking all accounts for "Balance NOT only in LC" is not possible, because then all of them would also be proposed for valuation in company code currency (type 10) which is not acceptable for many of them (inventories etc.). We do not want to see many such accounts with balance by currency.

2. Trans. FAGL_FC_TRANS (program FAGL_FC_TRANSLATION, Translation of balances)

- This seems to be "the" transaction designed for this purpose, as it cannot be used for currency type 10 (e.g., my valuation area Z1 gives an error which is OK).

- I have configured the account determination in view V_FAGL_T030TR for my chart of accounts, valuation area, the financial statement version in the valuation area and FS items that I wanted to test. However, the program - after selecting the appropriate account - did not return anything - not even for an account with "Balances NOT only in local currency" where I got a result in test run in FAGL_FCV.

Can you please suggest what may have gone wrong, and what you propose to make the valuation? Is it really not possible to revaluate an account in a parallel currency through FAGL_FCV, if it is marked for "balances only in local currency"? And what to do to make the FAGL_FC_TRANS work?

(I can see one possible issue - the new FS version I copied in trans. OB58 is messy, with the old INT account ranges still hanging from the nodes, next to the new ones from our current CoA. I will try to delete them and see what happens. But there is probably another reason. Any suggestion?)

Thanks in advance!