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Sep 03, 2015 at 11:33 AM

Difference between ( RC1WWIDP, RC1WWIWP) & (RC1AVGE1, RC1AVGE2) in relation to reprot creation


Dear Experts/Gurus,

I am confused about the functionality of the program combo ( RC1WWIWP, RC1WWIDP) & ( RC1AVGE1, RC1AVGE2) in relation to the report creation/generation process. All I know is that WP & DP trigger a job every time we manually try to release a report in the background, the job associated with these programs are responsible to relese the report. Regarding AVGE1 & AVGE2, the AVGE1 determines the report with potential changes & AVGE2 creates the new report if required.

But all I want to know in depth whether or not these report programs work in tandom or separately ( for example - if we trigger AVGE1 & AVGE2 & then for report creation will the job for DP & WP come into picture because ultimately it's DP & WP that are responsible to get the report created ).

Answer with indept insght in to the report creation/generation process will be highly appreciated. :-)

Thanks in advance for the solution.

Kind Regards