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Sep 03, 2015 at 06:29 AM

Another 'How do I lock resource with Gateway' Question - and SAP UX roadmap 2015Q3


Hi Experts,

So far, based on various discussions/blogs in SCN, it looks like future direction application development is going to be sap Fiori UX (i.e. gateway/UI5 combo).

So what is going to happen to state-full application development in the future ?

I am not sure if this means we have to ditch state-full application development or Gatway/UI5 is going to support State-full application development.

What is going to be the direction for complex standard SAP applications that requires pessimistic locking ? will SAP use fiori or FPM ?

Every time I see discussions about concurrency control with Gateway/UI5 - only answer seems to be convincing customers to use optimistic locking or tricking soft state to make application state-full.

I did notice this slide in SAP UX roadmap 2015Q3

  • SAPUI5
    • Creation of consumer-grade, stateless apps
  • Floorplan Manager / Web Dynpro ABAP
    • Creation of functional, stateful apps

Meanwhile Fiori floor plans have details on how to display locked records.

(look for pessimistic locking at the bottom of the page). This is really confusing.

So My question is

For complex state-full applications that requires locking, should I still stick with Floor Plan Manager ?

Or is there a new feature or option coming in the future to support complex state-full application in sap Fiori (i.e. gateway/ui5)?

Is there any SAP document that gives clear distinctions for these kind of UX decisions (specifically for developers) ?