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ActiveX Programming For IP Camera

Hi All,

I have created a wrapper class for calling the methods of ActiveX and I have API documentation for the ActiveX too but my problem is how to call methods or property in ABAP. I am not able to call the login method using the code

CALL METHOD me->call_method
p1 = ''
p2 = 1
p3 = '80'
p4 = 'admin'
p5 = 'Admin@123'
method = 'Login'
p_count = 5.

In GUI trace file I am getting following error

(Error)(01.02.17 22:39:10.944): CALL METHOD "Login"[DispID=-1] OF [#13/0x19743018/202/{E7EF736D-B4E6-4A5A-BA94-732D71107808}]
#0: STRING ""
#1: LONG "1"
#2: STRING "80"
#3: STRING "admin"
#4: STRING "Admin@123"
CMyAutomationDriver::CallMethod: GetIDsOfNames of 'Login' for object 13 failed with HRESULT = -2147352570 Description: 'Unknown name'

For reference here is the API reference for Login as given in document

Login device


Login (szIP, iPrototocol, iPort, szUserName, szPassword, options) Instruction:

login device


szIP device IP address

iPrototocol 1: http protocol, 2: https protocol

iPort login the http/https port of devices, choose different ports according to iPrototocol

szUserName username

szPassword passward


optional parameter objects:


http interactive way, true: asynchronous, false:



CGI protocol, 1:ISAPI, 2:PSIA. If this parameter

is not input, a kind of protocol that devices

support will be chosen.

success success callback function, there is one

parameter that represents the content of



failure callback function, there are two

parameters, the first is http status code, and

the second is the XML that devices return(may

be null)

Please help me out

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