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Sep 01, 2015 at 06:53 PM

SAP Customer Master - Multiple Addresses


Hello All,


I have a Retail Business Scenario where the individual customer has multiple ship-to addresses, it can be more than one ship-to location. Its stored as the same customer number with multiple addresses in the current legacy system. In SAP ECC one Ship-to address is one customer number.

If i follow the traditional SAP ECC route I have to create a lot of customers as Ship-to's.

I did find some documentation on SAP HELP about BUSINESS ADDRESS SERVICES:

Mapping of Application Addresses

Depending on the addressee of an address, an address is made up of different components. For a contact person in a company, for example, you need not only the company address, but also the name of the contact person and possibly the name of the department. This is why it makes sense to distinguish between different types of addresses.

The BAS provide three address types:

Company addresses (address type 1)
Personal addresses (address type 2)
Workplace addresses (address type 3)

Here is the SAP Help link:


We know that standard functionality can take care of multiple addresses as multiple Ship-to Numbers. If we could create multiple addresses for the same customer, that way we don't have to create new ship-to for each different address for the same customer. Has anybody used SAP BUSINESS ADDRESS SERVICES ??

One more option is to use SAP Business Partners to store the multiple addresses, Could anyone let me know how i can use Business Partners with multiple addresses on a Sales Order in ECC ??

If you have any idea about this functionality, please let me know and I can provide more details.

Kindly advise ASAP.

Appreciate all your help and expertise. Please email me with your inputs.

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