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using SYS_CONTEXT( 'CLIENTCONTEXT','S_LANGU') in view defintions

Hi all,
we start upgrading our development System to 750.
Now we faced the problem that the transaction se38 dumps with "ora-01403 no data found" if you start writing the name of the report you're looking for.

The underlying view for this input is the view SEDT_PROG_VIEW.
If i try to select this view via se16 i get the same dump.

After some investigation on the database i think the problem is the using of SYS_CONTEXT( 'CLIENTCONTEXT','S_LANGU') to get the preferred language.

This is the view defintion in 750:

INNER JOIN "T002" "T002" ON ( NOT ( "TRDIR"."NAME" = ' ' )
OR NOT ( "T002"."SPRAS" = ' ' )
OR "T002"."SPRAS" = 'E'
AND NOT ( "TRDIR"."NAME" LIKE '_______________________________%' )

But in the older system the where-clause looks like this:

 WHERE (  ( "T002"."SPRAS" = 'D'  OR "T002"."SPRAS" = 'E' 

It's a hard-coded search for german and english.
But a simple


returns 1 rows with a NULL value.

If i understand the oracle documentation correctly then the namespace 'CLIENTCONTEXT' has to be managed by the user or application. It's not managed by oracle.

In my 740 system i found 30 views using these construct. One of them is the View SEPM_CMPPRODUCT. And with this view the se16 dumps also in the 740 system.

Is this a bug or some missung customizung in my systems ?

kind regards

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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Feb 02, 2017 at 11:06 AM


    You can perform something similar to the views if found, as mentioned in the sapnote

    2272266 - LONGPOST.LOG contains error messages for SEPM_C_RAMP_PRODUCT

    Did you try upgrading DBSL libraries?



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  • Feb 03, 2017 at 11:17 AM

    Hi all,
    i did a new test with another 750 system. Identical software- and productcomponents, identical DBSL-lib. Both views use the SYS_CONTEXT.
    And here it works as expected. The se16 shows both german and english entries of table SEDT_PROG_VIEW.

    So i did a st12-trace on both systems.
    Both systems executed this

      SET SESSION VARIABLE S_CLIENT=$session.client='099' S_USER=$session.user='YI00060' S_LANGU=$session.system_language='D'

    I think that has to be done for SYS_CONTEXT-call within the view.

    After setting these variables one system did the select of SEDT_PROG_VIEW and showed the result.
    But the other systems did a DEQ_ALL and all the other things that had to be done to collect the dump-information.


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  • Feb 07, 2017 at 12:55 PM

    Hi all,

    after submitting a service request the SAP support answers this:

    "the mentioned issue seems to be a known ORACLE bug. Please check the following note: 2174705 - Session variables
    and implement oracle client version, V2 (currently V1 is running in your system)."

    We upgraded the client and the problem is gone.

    Kind regards

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