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Inspection lot inconsistency

Hi QM Experts,

We have encountered in a situation where inspection lot is created but there is inconsistency.e find below details.

1. In QALS for inspection lot all the fields are empty except inspection plan task list type, group and group counter.

2. When we display same inspection lot in QA03, we get error as 'Origin not found'.

We observed this issue for only materials with multiple inspection plans. We are using 'early lot creation' for 04 inspection type. Process order is correctly created. For materials with sinle inspection plan, this issue is not observed.

Please find attached screen shot of QLAS table.

This is creating major issue as stock is in quality inspection and we are unable to see the lot in any QM transactions. Hence unable to carry out the UD and move the stock.

Requst you to suggest us the possible solution at the earlist.

Thanks in advance,


QLAS_1.JPG (46.5 kB)
QLAS_2.JPG (54.7 kB)
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3 Answers

  • Aug 31, 2015 at 05:09 AM

    Hi Gururaj,

    Form QALS, the 2nd screenshot suggests that 'Usage" is not even picked for these early inspection lots created, having multiple inspection plans linked to the material for same usage. As for single inspection plan managed inspection lots, you said there are no issues. So I think, there may not be any issue in inspection type/origin config or Material master QM data setup!!

    Please can you confirm if you are using any custom method for assigning inspection plans to these early inspection lots created? If so, please can you perform a check if there is any issues.

    Also please can you try QA02, for any of these impacted inspection lots and go to 'Inspection Specification' tab, try manually assigning the appropriate inspection plan. Please suggest if that is working, of you can't open the inspection lots in change mode at all.



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    • There must be something abnormal! Few questions from my end,

      1. Before running BDC for QA02 or assigning inspection plan manually, whether Plant and Inspection type details are reflected in QALS? - Because I think these are the basic details which every lot should have irrespective whether the task list is assigned to it or not.
      2. If you find these details there before BDC run, and if these are getting vanished after BDC then there is an issue with BDC. It is affecting or doing something extra other than the plan assignment.
      3. Another thing that is seemed strange to me is BDC for plan assignment! What business process do you have there? Why can't the inspection plan gets assigned to the lot at the time lot creation?
      4. Do you have multiple inspection plans with the same usage? Can't you delete the unnecessary ones?


  • Sep 01, 2015 at 07:00 PM

    Absolutely correct!! I'll go with Anand as Inspection type activation is the criteria for inspection lot generation, not the plan assignment.

    And this error message 'Origin not found' doesn't seem a standard one to me. I believe it is custom message which appears when BDC doesn't find an inspection lot, again the same case mentioned above.

    Multiple plans will only result in lots with created status and probably your BDC does the rest work to assign them an inspection plan of your choice. CRTD lots will not appear in QA03.

    Try QA32/33 and look for inspection lots and their system status. If they are there with CRTD, try assigning the plans manually. If you succeed in doing that, recheck the BDC or the upload file.


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    • Hello Gururaj,

      I understand that there is no issue in your BDC as you are saying it confidently. Could you please throw some light on the question I asked? What status of QALS you get before the plan assignment and after the plan assignment? Do you get the Plant, Material and Inspection Type fields against the inspection lot before you run BDC or QA02?? Are these getting vanished after BDC run or QA02?

      If the answer to above 2 questions is Yes then it is a bug and you need to fix it up with your ABAP consultant. You should do this analysis by putting the system in debug mode at the lot creation transaction.

      If the answer is No, then you should raise it to SAP for getting their further suggestions for resolution.


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    Sep 03, 2015 at 05:03 AM

    Your backgound program must have some logic to choose the insp. lot and execute QA02 BDC.

    So I assume the QALS table data was correct before the custom program runs.

    I recommend checking your background program and some enhancement.

    (Don't modify or change SAP standard data through custom program!)


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