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Aug 30, 2015 at 02:03 PM

Change line chart properties


Hi gurus,

I need to display a graph like follows:

The light blue rectangle represents minimum and maximum values of two different KFs.

That can be presented in the chart using stack bar, where the lower part is white and therefor is not visible in the chart.

The problem is with each of the others - blue/red dots, and the triangle - each represents a different KF.

I thought using a different line chart for each KF and use different shapes in each chart.

But I cannot find a way to make the line invisible.

I found some threads that use css in order to custom the chart appearance but none related to the line properties.

Since I'm not familiar with the css I need some help ....

Is there a way to use all the KFs in one line chart, change the lines color and control the shape of each KF?




Untitled.png (39.7 kB)