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Aug 27, 2015 at 05:28 PM

merging 2 dimensions from different universes not working



I've created a WEBI report with queries from 2 different universes.

In my first query, I select all accounts (aka Pt No) for a specific time frame.

In my second query (from the other universe) I select charge code where the account is in the list of accounts from query 1.

In each universe, the Pt No field is char(13) and is actually stored as a 12 character value padded with leading zeros (ie. each universe stores the value as 000022220001)

This works and I see results when I preview the results of query 2.

When I get to the point of designing the report on the canvas, I merge the two dimensions because I want to see some of the dimension values from query 1 married with some of the dimension values from query 2.

Qry 1: Pt No, Person, Date

Qry 2: Pt No, Charge Code

If I drop Pt No from each query individually I see this:

But when I try to put them together on the canvas, I get this:

There are more records in qry 1 than in qry 2 but there are most definitely pt no's between the two queries that match, so why does it act as though there are no matches?

Since I can't get this to work, creating detail variables to display the rest of the data is not successful.

If I create detail variables for person and charge code and display the merged dimension, and the two variables, I end up with the Pt No repeating like this rather displaying one line per Pt No:

Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong or how I can get around this issue?

Thank you!