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Aug 27, 2015 at 05:15 PM

Separately planned Storage Location stock


I set up the necessary parameters in MRP4 MRPindicator (MARD-DISKZ) as "2", Reorder Point (LMINB) + Replenishment (LBSTF) in SLOC X with 1.000 pcs

Furthermore I have SLOC Y with 2.000 and SLOC Z 3.000

I only get my UL-RES (transfer reservation) after MRP run when MARD-LMINB in this case is > 6.000, or generally: at least +1 than plant stock

But I expect, I should get it, when stock is under 1.000 pcs or not?

Here SAPs definition:

Example of a stock transfer within a plant:

A reorder point of 30 pieces has been maintained at storage location X. The material has a fixed lot size of 50 pieces. The stock level at the time of planning is 0. The stock is lesser than the reorder point so the system creates a stock transfer reservation in the amount of the fixed lot size (50 pieces) for this storage location and at the same time causes an issue at the plant level in the same amount to be created.

"Fixed lot size" is complete wrong, I guess LBSTF is meant, isnt it?

I just emptied SLOC X, MD03 - even in this case: result: no reservation.

Can anybody enlight me? Thx in advance...



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