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Aug 27, 2015 at 08:21 AM

Inspection plan can not be assigned to inspection lot


Hi QM experts,

I encountered a issue that the inspection plan can not be assigned to inspection lot. Please see below test case. Hope you can give me some advises, thank you.

(1) Input the inspection lot in QA02.

(2) We can see the inspection lot status is CRTD, CHCR, SPRQ. And there is no inspection plan for this inspection lot.

(3) When I click the button 'Task list/spec.', it will pop-up a message 'No inspection plan could be found'. Please attention that the Key date is 27.08.2015, and revision level is 'AB'.

(4) I click the continue button to ignore above message. And I found the Key date changed to 14.11.2013 automatically.

(5) If I delete the value of Revision level 'AB', keep the Key date as '27.08.2015', then click the button 'Task list/spec'.

(6) After click the button 'Task list/spec', the inspection plan was assigned to this inspection lot. But the revision level was bring out again.




1.png (6.4 kB)
2.png (39.7 kB)
3.png (45.5 kB)
4.png (39.9 kB)
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51.png (41.1 kB)