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Aug 26, 2015 at 03:35 PM

SMS Truncated when reaching C4C


Dear Experts,

We have configured the SMS to Case capability and currently the short code is shared by two vendors, hence we need to use a prefix 'Keyword' to route the SMS to out tenant.

The problem we are facing, whenever the SMS is above 160 characters, the SMS is truncated and getting displayed in C4C. The reason for this is after 160 characters, somewhere in the gateway the second part is not merged and sent to C4C as another new SMS.

The second part does't have a 'Keyword' in front and hence doesn't reach C4C

Am aware this is not always 160 characters and depends on the character bit size. Nonetheless, we wanted to display the complete SMS sent by the customer in C4C/Tickets.

Please aid with your suggestion, is SAP gateway not capable of concatenating the SMS when the message is split and sent by the mobile service provider ?

Or is there a different approach to this solution..