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Aug 25, 2015 at 09:09 PM

Creating and Processing a CS order from SD order


Dear all,

We need to set up a scenario, with the following steps:

1. Create a SD order with an assigned service product (service product is assigned to a task list which has planned costs)

2. CS order will be created automatically with the task list assigned

3. CS order gets the actual costs through good issue and confirmation

4. CS order is settled to the SD order

5. SD order is invoiced through VF01

We have made a demo system, but we have the following problems:

a.) we didn't succeed to configure the system, to invoice the SD order via VF01, but it is possible via DP90, and a second Sales document is created. That sales document can be then invoiced with VF01. We would like however to do it from the original SD order.

We have set the following config so far:

- We use standard "TA" SD order

- We use a ZSM sales item, but we don't know which value to set for 'Billing relevance' (the field is now empty)

- We use Billing Form 'Costs' - so we want to invoice the actual costs from the CS order (the invoiced costs are OK, but in a new sales document)

b.) Our SD order has no "Planned Costs' and 'Actual Costs' values

- what should be done to see those costs correctly? Is that managed through condition types? If yes which ones and how?