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Aug 25, 2015 at 01:55 PM

Budget exceeded error during PGI


Hi friends,

This is a case of MTO, where we have budget exceed problem during PGI. Let me explain the process 1st what we have done so far.

WBS element is budgeted with suppose say 50000 INR. Out of which 40000 INR for RM and 10000 INR as an activity cost. We are following project MRP run, through which PRs generated for all the RM and follow the subsequent process like PO -> GR and GI with 261 Q.

Production order was also generated through that MRP. So the WBS consumed budget of 40000 INR for RM. Now we confirm the operations in production and the GR posted for FG with wbs assigned stock. Sale order is also account assigned to wbs element. Against that SO, we create the obd. Now against the obd when we are going do PGI and at that time system throws error of budget exceeded.

After analysis, we found system is behaving correctly as the RM still holds the budget.

As one can not ask user to allocate budget both for RM and FG as RM is a part of FG, so should I have to settle the RM value to somewhere else and then do the PGI. Again I think, this should not be a standard process.

Can any one help me on this? What is the standard process in SAP?

Thanks in advance,