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Aug 25, 2015 at 01:42 PM

How does HCP handle users assigned to multiple accounts?


The reason I ask is that I now have access to a number of HCP instances, both trial and production. The trial instances are fine as they are associated with two S-Numbers and hence I can authenticate and view their cockpits with no problems.

However, my main company S-Number is now associated with two HCP accounts - one for an SAP ramp-up and another that is our own HCP Production system. When I visit and use the login to authenticate with my S-Number, I'm defaulted to the cockpit of the ramp-up account. There is no way (that I can find) to choose which account I authenticate with.

Could someone point out what stupid mistake I'm making or alternatively let me know how you authenticate and access a specific account using a common S-Number? I've tried to build up an url that points to the cockpit of the account I want to access however as soon as the SAP ID service authenticates me, it forwards me back to the ramp-up account again.

Any ideas?