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Aug 25, 2015 at 07:57 AM

Edm.DateTime issue with Integration Gateway



We observed a strange behaviour that when the application connection id is routed through the backend connection hosted on to the integration gateway on SMP, the Edm.DateTime field show a day prior to the one in the SAP System whereas if we change the backend connection directly to the Netweaver Gateway System, it shows fine. For e.g if a date is of 24th August, the application running with the backend conenction of Netweaver Gateway shows the proper date of 24th August but the one having the integration service background shows the date on 23rd August.

Is this a limitation of SMP Integration Gateway.

We are running on SMP 3.0 SP7.

Appreciate your response if anyone has faced or is are aware of this issue.

@Jitendra Kansal @Midhun VP @Marvin Hoffmann


Rakshit Doshi