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Aug 25, 2015 at 07:50 AM

CK40N Still open



The business have asked for running the CK40N to the step "Analysis" for all material for a certain plant. This is wanted to be able to carefully analysis the new expected standard price and effects.

I did run the steps in CK40N yesterday but stoped at the Costing step where I got message "Still open". I created 2 new costing runs in CK40N with new names but they ended up with the same result.

I did also create on costing run late in the evening when there where no/few people in the system but I did end up with the same issue "Still open" in the costing step. See attached.

Can anyone help me sort out why this happen and how I can solve it. See attached picture.

Second run

One more question.

Can we create several costing runs in CK40N until Analysis? I guess that is OK as long as we do not do the marking and release?

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