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Aug 24, 2015 at 09:31 PM

Old Customs Declaration have missing tariff data



We had numbering schemes USSCB for Commodity codes and USHTS for HTS in our system.

To accomodate our new design requirements, I have created new numbering scheme for commodity code and HTS classification,performed the content migration from old to the new numbering schemes. Completed the steps by activating the new numbering schemes.

Since the content has been migrated, the declarations weren't supposed to be impacted.

Post activation, the old/historical documents (customs declarations) in the system which carried the Schedule B and Tariff data including all outputs like the commercial invoices, SLI, are empty for tariff data.

Since GTS is supposed to hold historical documentation intact for audit purpose, is there a standard report or a program which needs to be executed to keep the old documents intact with all data?