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Aug 24, 2015 at 03:58 PM

Help needed with FacetFilter



I am currently trying to get familiar with the ux3 Facet Filter control but I am totally stuck.

I tried to take the source from FacetFilter - SAPUI5 Demo Kit

and to adapt it to the Northwind oData Service but i don't get it to work.

Attached is the source code as it seems to be too large to enter here.

If I select a Customer for the first time, the other Facet Lists seem to get updated as desired. The other Facet Lists don't work at all.

It seems like the Facet Lists are always bound twice, as I see in Google Chrome one cancelled and one completed request from each model.

And in the sample code, a complex loop is used to check the json array for matching results. How do I do that with an oData Service as datasource?

Any help is appreciated. Maybe someone has a working example of a Facet Filter with the Northwind oData Service?



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