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Former Member
Aug 24, 2015 at 02:14 PM

BPC allocations automatically



I have a requirement where figures need to be allocated automatically from account group/year to account/month. Also it should be possibble to user change figures in the account/month level manually and those changes should be reflected also to account group/year level.

I know that I can create script which would allocate values to account/month and other script which would sum up values from the account/month level to account group/year. Thing is that customer wants this to happen without the need to run packages. So basically this should all be done in default script. Problem is that if I make automatic allocation to account/month then it will overwrite the values which user has inputted to accounts. So I would need a way to tell default logic that in the case somebody has changed values in the account level, it won't run the allocation and instead it would run script which would sum up figures to account group level. I tried to utilize Audit ID's, but then input schedules would be quite problematic.

Any ideas?