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Former Member
Aug 24, 2015 at 01:43 PM

ReloadData() script does not refresh data. Any ideas why?


Hi All,

I'm working on a near real time scenario where my data has to refresh on the Design studio application, without ending the session of the application, for every 30 minutes. I used the Realtime SDK -timer component and achieved a screen change. But the data refresh does not happen. I wrote DS_1.reloadData(); on the on timer script box for the timer component and restarted the timer. But this does not refresh my data.

I'm using DS1.5 as my client tool and BEx query as my backend. I checked a lot of discussions in SCN and the developer guide for DS1.5. Everywhere it says that reloadData() should refresh the data when there is no filter or variable change happening. But this is not happening in my case.

I tried setting a filter value and after a second changed the filter value as well and then did the reloadData() script again. But this does not work wither.

Is there any cache which I can reset or uncheck to refresh data? This is an important feature of the dashboard and is a major requirement. There will be no interaction in the dashboard and there are no variables for me to use. I can create variables but this will be as a last option.

Can someone please help me on this?