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Aug 24, 2015 at 10:52 AM

Handling Connections (promotion management)



In XI 3.1 we were able to override connections for universes so that in each environment if we wanted a particular "user" to use a different connection they could. For example, user A wants to use Production Data for a report and user B wants to use Development Data. They would be able to do this via override connections.

We are now using SAP BI 4.1 with BICs connection to SAP BW. From what I can see overriding connections by user isnt possible? Correct???

Now I am looking at how to use promotion management with connections. From what I can see I have a couple of options

1. Use override settings in promotion management. in turn in BI 4 development -> development connection, BI 4 Test -> test connection, BI 4 Production -> Production connection.

Which is ok if this is how all data connections should work this way.

ISSUE A: if for example, in the test environment a project decides that they want to use test data and then change their mind and want to use production data? Do we migrate everything all over again so that connection changes?

ISSUE B: Also, what if different projects want to use a different layout of connections - I guess though in this case it always makes sense to create a different set of connections for each project even if they are connecting to the same database. This would allow this flexibity i guess?

2. Create a connection for each project and then migrate it across each environment. For example, "PROJECT A CONNECTION". This would have the same connection details initially in each environment but this would be updated appropriately. This would allow the flexibility of changing the connection. Overrides are not used.

The only slight concern with this approach is that there will ultimately be lots of connections connecting to the same database. They have only been created due to the project. When you go live there are all sorts of connections which would be maintenance problem? Seem quite pointless?

Advantage is that the connection can be switch easily as this can be changed in the backend as appropriately but would affect all reports.

I am tempted with the second option at this stage because you never know what may come up with regard to connections and you can change it as needed?