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Aug 24, 2015 at 09:36 AM



Hi All

We are performing a CU&UC project. Requirement is to create a copy of PRD perform upgrade and pre-unicode task then create a new client with SAP_UCUS profile from the source main client. Delete the source client and then export the data and import it in target system, so that this new target system could be used as new Development system.

We have deleted the client and now as a pre migration step we have executed SMIG_CREATE_DDL which has already passed more than 40 hours of execution time and still running, though before client deletion same process was completed in an hour.

We could see that the SMIGR_CREATE_DDL is stuck on user_indexes table. I could not find any specific SAP note mentioning it as a known issue for SAP_BASIS 731 PL14.

I am not sure if due to client deletion the user_indexes table is impacted and since we have not performed any DB re-org that might be the cause. Please do let me know if someone has faced the similar issue and what was the resolution.