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Aug 24, 2015 at 07:43 AM

FTP Sender Adapter always process in ascending alphabetical order?


Hi Experts,

I just want to confirm for the sequence of the FTP sender adapter processing. Is the processing sequence is always in ascending alphabetical order?

I've been trying to find out, in the help document for the 7.4 version:

Configuring the Sender FTP Adapter - Advanced Adapter Engine - SAP Library

It's stated that "Files are always processed in ascending alphabetical order."

However, after searching more in the forums, some have an opinion that the processing sequence depends cannot be determined, such as in the following discussion:

Processing files in Sequence using FTP Adapter | SCN

I just want to make sure if the processing sequence can be guaranteed in ascending alphabetical order or it depends on the system/FTP server?

Thank you,

Suwandi C.