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Aug 24, 2015 at 07:29 AM

Customer Material Info Records - Customer Material Description replication from ECC to CRM


Hello All,

We created customer material Info records in R/3 and successfully downloaded in CRM with object CUST_MAT_INFO.

Now we can't see the customer material description in CRM.

CRM Guys do you have the knowledge where the customer material description is stored in CRM.(tables or Fields)?

It has been found that,in VD53 when we change the customer material description, the description text is getting saved in the Table STXH and STXL with TD Object KNMT and the TD Name is a concatenation of Sales Area, Distribution Channel, Customer number and product number. The same info we need in CRM. But after download the text is not replicated to CRM.

Can anybody tell how we can achieve this.??

Thank you for your help.!!


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