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Aug 24, 2015 at 07:41 AM

I didn't get HANA-Riddler Badge and points on SCN.



I passed HANA Quiz but I didn't get HANA-Riddler Badge on SCN. Please help me. I follow these subtances.

HANA Quiz - on SAP HANA Introduction

Assestment Feedback

Congratulations. You remembered some of the key topics - and you will receive the HANA-Riddler Badge on SCN (this might take up to 1 week)

The core of this new mission is to see if you understood some of the basics of SAP HANA. It contains three steps:

  1. First step (2 points) is easy: you're already on the announcement page – simply bookmark it! Accept the challenge.
  2. For the second step you can work through two free online courses in SAP Learning Hub, Discovery Edition. Please find a detailed description on how to sign up for the discovery edition in this docu.
  3. Then take and pass the 5-question quiz based on content from the courses (Discovery Preview: SAP HANA Introduction & Discovery Preview: SAP HANA Implementation & Modelling). Please enter the SAP Assessment Manager platform and also enter your name as well as your SCN ID (You can copy the URL when you go to your profile – mine e.g. is: ).Then pass the quiz (or retry :-) ) and you will get 15 points as well as the badge. Please be reminded that it takes a minimum of two working days before you receive the badge and points.

Thank you,