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Aug 23, 2015 at 02:02 PM

Dissagregation not Possible,No Reference Data Found.


Hi Team,

Though the input query allows to input the data at node level but it is not consistent in that behavior.

Some times it works and sometimes it is not and giving the below warning/error :

Disaggregation not possible, no reference data found.

No Data records found for distribution.

Is this the normal behavior or is it some thing that can be set to rectify this?

I have the key figures set to Planning on Totals: Disaggregate Value Entered. and Distribution: Analogue Distribution(Self reference).

The weird thing is it always expects the characteristic ( that char that the transaction record is dependent on) to be in the rows along with the hierarchy.When I remove this then the input doesn't work and if I add it and since that char has multiple rows,

Some times it allows the input at node level and sometimes it gives me that error.

Like for example:

Hierarchy P1 P2

Account1 50000 8000

A1 50000 8000

AA2 28000 3000

AA3 22000 5000

Account2 20000 1800

B4 20000 1800

BB2 14000 800

BB3 6000 1000

Every transaction record of account is associated with a functional area (like Alloc , MKTG).

SO, in the above query, it is always expecting the Functional area to be in the rows along with the Hierarchy.

Also a single account (Account1) could be tied to MKTG and ALLOC.

So if I include the functional rea along with the hierarchy then two rows will display and some times it works when I input the data at node level without this functional area and some times it doesn't.

Is this the normal behavior of the input query to have the dependent char in the rows for the node level input to work?

Please advice.

Thank you.