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Aug 23, 2015 at 09:45 AM

Copy Infotype : T582A-CPRFN Query


Hello Gurus,

We have the new infotype framework activated to run the ESS. According to the note 783499 the indicator CCURE/PC_UI ("PC UI Main Switch") is activated in our landscape. We do have one employee present multiple ( expat scenarios ) times in the system using HRP1001 relation ship CP to P. The following switches are not activated. Based on below inactive switches , I can conclude that concurrent employment is not active.


As per SAP documentation, The existing copy mechanism (that is activated in table V_T582A) is not compatible with the new framework. If an infotype is processed using the new framework, this copy mechanism cannot be activated. & hence recently we ran the report "RPUFACECPRFN" which has removed the T582A-CPRFN entry & new entries are created in T582G table with entry XMOL.

We are not able to display ( runtime error ) few of the infotype via PA20 such as 0021 for Thailand employees since few secondary infotype ( 0187 ) records are missing. We never faced runtime error before running the RPUFACECPRFN. Even the switch CCURE/PC_UI was active, we were able to see the infotype 0021 records for Thailand employees. Do I have to create all missing secondary infotype records ?

Now my question are

  1. What is new copy mechanism ? Is new copy mechanism going to work only when concurrent employment is active ? I mean if switch CCURE MAINS,CCURE GLEMP,CCURE GLOPY are active ?
  2. Is new copy mechanism going to work even if only CCURE/PC_UI is active ? When new copy mechanism gets triggered ? is it during PA30 infotype creation /copy ?
  3. Are "Data Sharing" & "new copy mechanism" same ?
  4. Is "Data Sharing" available only in concurrent employment ?


Sagar Sontakke