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Aug 23, 2015 at 04:54 AM

Screen personas 2.0 MM03 recording


Hi Experts,

I am using the Screen personas 2.0 SP3.

I am into one of the Custom Transaction Z* and there I have placed 2-3 Labels and one Script button, my requirement is to get the Material details from MM03 Transaction on the click of the script button.

in the very first step of the Script, I have used the /nMM03 as enter value for navigating the screen flow to MM03 Transaction and it is working fine (only MM03 is not working as script button is placed in screen of custom Transaction).

however, issue is when I come back from MM03 transaction, screen actually navigate back to the SMEN transaction (Because of /nMM03) and not in to the custom Transaction screen where script button is placed.

my requirement is when screen flow comes back from MM03 Transaction then control should automatically come to the custom Transaction screen where I should see the details in Labels.

please suggest.