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Aug 22, 2015 at 10:18 PM

MRP configuration



I trying to execute MRP (MD03) to create purchase requisitions but something is failing.

In material master i have selected in MRP 1, 2, 3 and 4 the following information: MRP group selected to the one created, MRP type is VB, quantity in Reorder Point and Maximum stock level, MRP controller for the one created, HB for lot size, planned delivery time 2 days, GR processing time 2 days, availability check KP.

In terms of configuration, i mostly worked with tcode OMI8. I've updated the number range for the one created for purchase requisitions, defined who is the MRP controller, in special procurement i copied as... the standard functions for my plant, in available stocks i've selected stock in transfer for the plant. In OPPZ, for the external procurement per MRP group, i've selected the DocTye SPO to our custom purch. req.. For the material type, it's maintaned only for raw materials,The requirements planning (OMDU) is activated for the plant.

In MD03, processing key is NETCH, create purc. req. 1, SA deliv. Shed. Lines 1, Create MRP list 3, Planning mode 1 and Schedulling also 1.

It executes sucessfully, but does not create a purchase requisition.

Can someone help me understand what's wrong and/or missing?

Thank You