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Aug 22, 2015 at 12:04 PM

SSFS (Secure Storage in File System) configuration BRTOOLS


Hi All,

Having an issue with the SSFS configuration. This is in preparation for EHP7 Upgrade.

I Set the Folder permissions, environmental variables. etc.

As described in:

1639578 - SSFS as password store for primary database connect

1622837 - Secure connection of AS ABAP to Oracle via SSFS

Restarted Server, checked settings everything OK!

However after making all the changes i want to setup BRTOOLS.

As described in:

1764043 - Support for secure storage in BR*Tools

Getting the following:


BR0801I BRCONNECT 7.20 (42)

BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2015-08-22 12.37.23

BR0828I Changing password for database user BRT$ADM ...

BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2015-08-22 12.37.23

BR0829I Password changed successfully in database for user BRT$ADM

BR0282E Directory 'E:\oracle\CND\security\rsecssfs\data' not found

BR1527E Setting password for user BRT$ADM in secure storage failed

BR0832E Changing password for user BRT$ADM failed

BR0280I BRCONNECT time stamp: 2015-08-22 12.37.23

BR0804I BRCONNECT terminated with errors


Its pointing to the incorrect Directory:

Directory set on ENV is: E:\usr\sap\CND\SYS\global\security\rsecssfs\data

I can even see the SSFS_CND.DAT file that was created as part of the SSFS configuration.

There is no physical security folder or any sub folder under the path provided during the BRTOOLS output: E:\oracle\CND\security\rsecssfs\data

Not sure where BRTOOLS is getting this location from and how to resolve.

My personal opinion is to move/copy folder "E:\usr\sap\CND\SYS\global\security" to "E:\oracle\CND\security"

and reset/redo the SSFS config and attempt the BRTOOLS SSFS setup again.

Current ENV Variables:

ORACLE_HOME: E:\oracle\CND\11203


RSEC_SSFS_DATAPATH: E:\usr\sap\CND\SYS\global\security\rsecssfs\data

RSEC_SSFS_KEYPATH: E:\usr\sap\CND\SYS\global\security\rsecssfs\key

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Thank you