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Former Member
Aug 22, 2015 at 06:32 PM

visul 2010 using crystal reports


I have a VB.NET 2010 desktop application that generates reports by using crystal reports. Since I am new to working with crystal reports, I have the following questions:

1. I am trying to determine how the input data is linked to the crystal report for the data to be displayed. In the 2010 code, I can see where there is a select statement and the data is placed in a dataset will a fill statement. I looked at crystal reports 'experts', formulas, and select statements, and I do not see how the data gets into the report. I do see where the connection to where the database is at. Thus can you tell me what to look for so I can see how the data gets into the crystal report?

2. This particular report displays summarized data in groups. I have found that some of the summarized data is lost and not being displayed. I have run the query on my own in the database and I do see how some of the data is not displayed. Thus can you tell when what I can look at to see where the data is lost? I have looked at section experts/groups, but I do see where the grouping columns are at. Can you recommend how I can find this type of selection criteria I am missing?