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Aug 21, 2015 at 10:33 AM

SAP System allowing to do Service entry sheet and IR for morethan PO quantity


Hi Guru's

SAP System allowed to do service confirmation for more than PO Service Quantity (2 AU).

Please check the Service quantity ( 2 AU) and PO History ( 101 two documents for 2 quantity)

I have done service confirmation for 2 AU and deleted service entry sheet but system not generated 102 document.

After that I have done one more service confirmation for 2AU.

But while doing Invoice system is giving 2 line items with 2 quantities to do invoice.

System allowing to do invoice for double quantity and double amount.

Kindly check the attached screen shots and share your valuable ideas


Ramesha L


PO300.png (56.0 kB)
po200.png (75.1 kB)
PO100.png (36.0 kB)