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Aug 20, 2015 at 11:15 PM

QA Move for Agentry Development


Hi All,

We are developing SAP WM 6.2 on SMP 3.0 SP08 , we have developed unit tested on DEV and now moving to the QA enviroment . Following are the steps we followed:

In Eclipse:

  1. 1. Export the Z_SAPWM_61.jar to the development server Java folder (usual


  1. 2. Publish a Modification Production version to C:\Agentry\PROD_STAGING.

A zip file will be generated

Open Windows Explorer: C:\Agentry\Prod_Staging

  1. 3. Open the shortcut to the SMP directory.
  2. 4. Open the Java directory and copy the Z_SAPWM_61.jar file to the

C:\Agentry\PROD_STAGING\Java directory (overwrite file in there already)

  1. 5. Drag and drop the C:\Agentry\PROD_STAGING\Java to the ZIP file created

in Step #2

Open QMP Control Panel - Open Windows Explorer

  1. 6. Open the QMP (Quality) control center with this URL:
  2. 7. Click on the "applications" button and select WorkManager
  3. 8. On the tabs, click "Client Specific Settings" tab. There will be an

option to "Publish Agentry App" and browse to a file.

  1. 9. Browse and select the ZIP file created in Step #2. Confirm the Java

directory is in the ZIP file.

  1. 10. Press "Save" which is at the bottom right of the screen
  2. Restarted the SMP.

But when we are connecting using Agentry Client the application is giving java(NO class execption) for data table dtAccountIndicator. I think issue is that the zip file created donot have any JAVABE.INI file , so it is referring to standard application . Can you please confirm if the steps I have done are correct for QA move.