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Aug 20, 2015 at 10:08 PM

Two company codes Drop ship configuration


Hi There,

I am working on drop ship process between two company codes located in two different countries. One company code does sales only and the other company code maintains manufacturing and Shipping. Marketing company creates sales order from customers and raise automatic PO for third party item fulfilment. Second company sends goods directly to customer and sends intercompany invoice and shipping notification to company ABCD. The configuration is as follow..

1. Company code ABCD marketing

Sales org. ABCD

Dist. channel AB

Division CD

External customer 1000

Intercompany vendor 2000

Intercompany customer 3000

2. Company code EFGH manufacturing and storage

sales org. EFGH

Dist. channel EH

Division CD

Plant EFGH

Storage location FP01

Lean warehouse EGH

Intercompany vendor 2000

Intercompany customer 3000

Material is extended to both company codes. For EFGH it is maintained as FERT/NORM and for ABCD it is maintained as HAWA/BANS. Stock is maintained at Plant EFGH and stro. loc. FP01 as unrestricted use.

Can someone please advise on the following factors.

1.What should be the settings vendor company code for creating PO from auto purchase requisition being created after saving sales order from customer 1000 to Ccode ABCD. And after doing dummy MIGO for the above mentioned PO, how to send invoice to customer 1000 in MIRO.

2. Is it correct to assign plant EFGH on the third party sales order or I should create dummy plant for Ccode ABCD.

3. How ccode EFGH would be able to ship items to customer 1000 W.R.T PO. Do I have to create sales order to EFGH with reference to PO?

4. What should be settings for intercompany customer for intercompany billing.