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Aug 20, 2015 at 04:07 PM

Jumping to another tabs within same Webi report


Hello Everyone,

  1. We are on BI4.1 SP05, Data Services 4.2
  2. We have a requirement in the webi report that we want to see no failures in the loading for the data loaded via Data Services.
  3. A report is created with lets say with 5 tabs, first tab for _All_Countries, the rest for each country ( _Austria, _Belgium, _China, _Denmark )

Report: _All_Countries

and now another the tab within same report, for individual country say, _Austria

if there are no countries

  1. If there are no failures the main report must show green for non-failed load and show red for the failed load for that month (Conditional formatting)
  2. If I click on the failure (document hyperlink) in the main tab _All_Countries , say for country Austria then it must jump to tab _Austria, similarly for other countries but at the moment it jumps to only one tab or one country, no matter which country you select, it will jump only to _Austria
  3. There is a lot of confusion over SCN forum whether it is possible or not.
  4. Can any one suggest solution on this, if YES then HOW

thank you in advance, Rahul


Countries.JPG (35.7 kB)
dETAILS.JPG (39.4 kB)