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Aug 20, 2015 at 11:16 AM

Issues with ODATA Service setup


hi Team,

I have a requirement to expose an analytic/calculation view to ODATA service so that it can be consumed from external CRM system. and the caculation view to contain only the fields Custid, city and quantity in it.

I just created a Project, .xsapp, .xsservice and .xsodata files and in the .xsservice file I exposed my calculation view as:

service {
"MYPACKAGE::MY_CALC_VIEW" as "customer_det" keys generate local "ID" aggregates always ;

thing is that, when I execute the customer_det.XSODATA file, I was not able to see data in the browser.

and even when I tried using the runtime object as shown below:

"_SYS_BIC"."MYPACKAGE/MY_CALC_VIEW" as "customer_det" keys generate local "ID" ;

in both the ways, I am not able to get the browser the data of the Calculation view.

and 2nd thing is, for the calculation view, I have created an Input Parameter which takes the value of the Customer Id - and with this my intension is that I will only pass the value of the Customer Id through the link and the Service has to fetch the City value of the particular customer.

please provide inputs on the above 2 points and how they can be achieved.

Thanks in advance for your answers.