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Aug 20, 2015 at 11:10 AM

Error importing CONNOBJ migration object using EMIGALL, Label ## is already being use in labeling system ##


Hi everyone,

I have a problem when importing CONNOBJ migration object using EMIGALL (IS-U Migration Workbench). I configured all needed fields and did several imports already, which did everything needed and as expected.

Due to other business needs, I activate alternative labeling for functional locations because I need maximum lenght of 40 for them.

I implement SAP note 1163742 to enable use of alternative labeling in IS-U.

Since then, Im unable to do a successful import of CONNOBJ migration object using EMIGALL. The error Im getting is: Functional location ## already exists.

I tried doing following:

  • I reseted functional location number range in transaction EN03 – this didnt help. After doing this, I get another error: Label ## is already being use in labeling system ##.
  • As mentioned above I implemented note 1163742 (it helps IS-U support the alternative labeling) – it didnt help
  • I implemented note 1344684 (it help showing the correct migration objects CONNOBJ and DEVLOC) – it didnt help
  • I implemented note 702373 (to delete invalid records in IFLOS table) – it didnt help

When I try to create connection object via transaction ES55, the connection object gets created without an error. This is why I think the problem is somewhere in EMIGALL procedures.

I also analize SAP note 687105, but our system version is 617 and solution from that note is already implemented.

Has anyone ran into similar problem or knows what should I do to continue with import?

Thanks in advance.