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Aug 20, 2015 at 09:58 AM

CO_IH_ORDER_GENER_3 creates incomplete PM order


Ladies and Gents, I am creating SAP PM orders within a SAP Business Workflow with CO_IH_ORDER_GENER_3. It is the functions that is used by SAP standard when you create a PM order within a M1 notification. However, when I call the function mentioned above wihtin an Z-Function it generates a PM order which is incomplete. Also the importing Parameters as well as the tables necessary to run the function correct are completely filled with all needed data, the PM order later is missing the priority, the notification number (relation to M1 notification) and other datas. I already debugged CO_IH_ORDER_GENER_3 and found out that ES_CAUFVD (Export Parameter) does not contain the data later missed in the PM order. Ergo - although the function has all data in the beginning of its operation its later output is incomplete. Does anybody has an idea what the reason could be?