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Aug 20, 2015 at 10:11 AM

GRC AC request- Requestor to Update


Hi Experts

We have a requirement from our client that the SOX approvers instead of rejecting the request should be able to send the request back to the requestor to update in case of any value is wrong(Such as user group,validity dates etc)

Solution which i am trying

Create a new stage after SOX approver stage with agend id(Requestor) so that the request flows to requestor after SOX approver stage and the requestor can update the field which is wrong as per commnets of SOX approver and then resubmits the request and then it flows to security admin for final approval.

Now my main challenge is that the Request to flow back to Requestor after SOX approver stage needs to be scenario specific(Like User group is wrong,Valdity dates chosen is wrong).I guess i need to create a rule id in BRF+ for this scenarion which looks quite complex.

Let me know if anyone has better idea on this.