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Aug 20, 2015 at 09:50 AM

HANA to-from Postgresql Connection


Hello Experts

We wanted to establish a two way connection from HANA DB to Postgresql DB.

Reviewed many blogs etc., and figured out these are the steps to be performed:

1. Install unixODBC drivers and hdbclient on Postgresql server, edited the odbc.ini file and was able to query the HANA DB from isql command.

- How do I query the HANA DB from psql command ?

2. Next to install the postgresql-odbc drivers on HANA Server, where I am having issue making the Make file for installation. But was able to get couple of library files & But still not able to use psql command from HANA server command line.

3. Edited the .odbc.ini file in /usr/sap/SID/home and given the Postgresql details with driver path as /usr/local/lib/

Added new Remote Sources in HANA Studio as GENERIC_ODBC connection with DSN & path as /usr/sap/SID/home/.odbc.ini. When trying to open and test connection from HANA Studio to Postgresql it is throwing up below error:

SAP DBTech JDBC: [403]: internal error: Cannot get remote source objects: [SAP][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source not found and no default driver specified

Can anyone advise is this is correct approach I am following to have the connection established ?