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Aug 20, 2015 at 09:31 AM

Is there any workaround to overcome HANA's limitations?


Hi All,

Is there any workaround to overcome HANA's limitations like:

1. Depth of SQL parse tree- 255

2. Number of joined tables in an SQL statement or view- 255

About limitation 1., Is this limitation at statement level or this is for a view entirely? (I get that error mostly when I am trying to activate a scripted calculation view)

About limitation 2. One way is to break the SQL statement into multiple, whenever the JOIN exceeds 255.

However, even if we are able to achieve this, my use case, we will hit the next limitation in the view which is, :Number of columns in a view- 1000

Is there a better approach to overcome these?

Any help/suggestion is highly appreciated.