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Aug 20, 2015 at 05:57 AM

Jar Files included as Variables in NWDS getting included in EAR File


Dear All,

I am creating a Adapter Module to read an Excel File. I have created an EJB project and an EAR project for this. The Bean class requires 3 type of jar files.

1. SAP JAR Files

2. EJB JAR Files

3. EXCEL Jar Files.

We do not need the first two category to be included when creating the EAR file. I have included them into the project as Variables. The EXCEL related jar files are included as External Jar Files.

But while generating the EAR files all the jars are getting included making it 15 MB of size.

Please suggest how can I remove the first two category.

Thanks and Regards,

Rana Brata De