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Loan Management - Repayment with Annuity/interest been paid

Feb 02, 2017 at 06:43 AM


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Dear Gurus.

Appreciate your kind expertise on this matter. How can i extract information for the repayment with the annuity/interest that been paid. For example:

Post Due (FNM1);

Dr Customer (0125) 800

Dr Customer (0110) 200

Cr Loan Balance 800-

Cr Interest 200-

Incoming Payment (FB05);

Dr Bank Incoming 900

Cr Customer (4530) 900-

Payment Postprocessing (FZNB);

Document 1:

Dr Customer (4531) 900

Cr Customer (4530) 700-

Cr Clearing 200-

Document 2:

Dr Customer (4531) 700

Cr Clearing 700-

Document 3:

Dr Clearing 200

Cr Customer (4535) 200-

Document 4:

Dr Clearing 700

Dr Customer (0125) 100

Cr Customer (4538) 800-

** I need to identify, once receive payment 900, i need to know how much annuity/interest that have been paid.

Should you need further clarification, do leave a comment and i will revert it back soon.

Thank You.

Best Regards


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1 Answer

Gustavo Vazquez Feb 02, 2017 at 01:52 PM

Hi Nazrul,

I think you cant' know that. When the customer pays an invoice, it pays cash and doesn't care if it's Capital or Interest.

You could by procedure (ie: a text in Assignment Field) make the customer pay first interest and then capital; open those lines in the incoming payment according to the invoice, so you could differentiate them in a Z custom report.

Best chance is to control it by balance.

Kind Regards

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Hi Gustavo.

Currently we do set, during FZNB | IPD OI; system will take priority on interest first. But still, users do able to choose open item and select what they need to offset (interest,principle,other charges,etc).

As of now; i will read from VDBEKI table but need to loop a few time to get the figure.

Thank You.

Best Regards