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Aug 19, 2015 at 04:39 PM

One time customer payer name description in billing document not consistent with that of sales order.


Hello Experts,

Good day.

The following seems to be the issue for one time customer documents as follows:

The sold to party and the payer is the same for a contract as shown below with their address details:

Also for the partner functions at the header level for the payer, please note the highlighted name given for the one time customer :

now checking the billing doc for the contract:

We can see at at the billing document, the payer one time has a different name/address details as shown below:

Now my requirement is for the billing document address detail to be the same as that of the payer address details from that of the sale order i.e for example, taking the above scenario, "One Time customer" at the billing document should show "EMARATH AL DALEEJ" of that of the order.

Also, why would they both show as different?

Any help would be deeply appreciated and rewarded.

Thanks in advance.


sale order.jpg (135.2 kB)
Partners tab.jpg (144.1 kB)
flow.jpg (78.2 kB)
bill doc.jpg (65.0 kB)