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Aug 19, 2015 at 02:51 PM

Create Planned Order from production order


HI Gurus,

I have a case that I do not have simple standard way to solve.

I produce raw material and I sell it. Then I purchase a semi-finished (coming from that raw material (it is purchase process and no subcontracting))

Then from that semi-finished I produce my Finish good.

Once we create the production order to convert the semi-finished into the final product we would like to trigger the creation of the Planned Order to produce new raw material.

One of the options found is to create BOM for the semi-finished with a "non-valuated" raw material (Mirroring the real raw material), and then run MRP for those "non valuated" materials.

The issue is that we would have duplicated materials and then convert the "non-valuated" Planned order to the real planned order.

If we add the Raw material into the BOM directly there are impacts in stock, finance....

Do you know another way to have clean an direct Planned Order creation? or any other suggestion? (trying to use SAP standard as much as possible)

Any idea is welcome.

Thanks in Advance.