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Aug 19, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Several prices for same Material and Vendor


Hi Experts,

We have a situation, where we need to maintan several purchase prices for the same material at the same vendor, but I do not think Info Records will support this. We are already using Split Valuation through Valuation Types for other purpose, but might be an option to utilize this or maybe some kind of attribute to the material.

Case is, that we have signed agreement with a vendor for a number of materials, which we can purchase at an agreed price under a standard lead time. However, we are also able to purchase the concerned materials on a "rush priority", but this will also come with a cost, so the price will be different (higher). I am not sure how we can maintain this in SAP. It is okay, that the buyer has to select to price upon order creation, but we need to somehow maintain this price scheme to be populated to the buyer.

I hope you are able to help on how we can maintain such a two-price setup for materials with a certain vendor.